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An unpretentious place to drink well, eat well, and enjoy good company.

2022 Espumante

A natural sparkling wine - the splendor of the untamed.

Casa Carmen is a boutique family winery on a Quixotic quest for quality, producing small lot craft wines and vermouth.

Visit us in either of our locations: The Farm in West Grove, PA, and The Bodega in Chestertown, MD.


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Try our handcrafted dry wines and vermouth.

Together, these wizards of bonhomie have conjured up all sorts of new opportunities for the good people of Chestertown to gather together over a bottle of wine and a plate of paella—working their community magic and paving the future for their young business along the way.

Edible Delmarva

Casa Carmen has developed an exceptional collection of wines. Not only for our region, but when we compare them against our national and international selections. They are well balanced, flavorful, and easily enjoyed with and without food.

Chester River Wine and Cheese Co.

Brothers Enrique and Felipe Pallares are combining the competitive drive that led them to become professional polo players with the entrepreneurial spirit passed down by their pioneering predecessors in an effort to create world-class wine.

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