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In Search of El Duende

Posts tagged: Wine Club

Fall 2020 Letter

Beauty always persists. And despite the chaos, we can never forget Leonard Cohen’s reminder that “Even damnation is poisoned with rainbows.” In fact, it is the darkest darkness that makes light shine ever brighter. This is why the simple things, from a passing interaction with another to a morning view of the water, seem to carry more significance than ever before.

Summer 2020 Letter

Citizenship, Wendell Berry wrote in 1968, “requires devotion and dedication, and a certain inescapable bewilderment and suffering… But it begins at home.” For him, this meant, quite literally, the care of one’s home and family, one’s relationship to nature and community. Polarization is, in fact, the result of a perversion...

Fall 2019 Letter

A house doesn’t completely become a home until its doors are open to its community. This is the most significant moment in the life of a home, because it is its true culmination. It is the moment in which its inhabitants don’t just live in it, but bring it to...

Spring 2019 Letter

These are very exciting times for the Casa Carmen family. We are thrilled to announce that Casa Carmen’s tasting room will be opening soon at 312 Cannon Street in downtown Chestertown! The Tasting Room & Bodega will be a wine and tapas bar created in the spirit of the traditional wine bodegas of Spain...

Winter 2019 Letter

Winter is a time of introspection and contrasts. Things that seem dead are alive, and as if standing on a threshold, we simultaneously cast a gaze to the future and to the past. Looking at the vineyard after a snow storm, it is hard to believe that the naked vines...

Fall 2018 Letter

I'd like to welcome you again to the Casa Carmen family. It is a joy to have you as a founding member of our Wine Club while we begin the road towards making exceptional wines in Maryland. All of us making wine in the East Coast of the United States, and...